Porfolio Letter

Dear Portfolio Readers,

After writing essays in high school I got more comfortable in  having an essay that would answer the prompt.  However, the ideas I had where always unorganized, I would not use as many examples, I would use too many words to explain one idea, and I always had grammar errors. Basically my writing had was completely awful, I always thought it was just about answering the prompt and writing as much as possible,  I was completely wrong. There for I am glad to have taken UWP1 class because of the various rules and techniques  I have learned to significantly improve my writing.

As I registered for UWP1 I was not expecting to learn so many  techniques and rules that would help  improve my writing. Taking UWP1 made me realize I was missing many things in my writing therefore I always had bad comments on my papers. I always thought  an essay had to consist of an introduction paragraph that includes a good thesis, body paragraphs and concluding paragraph, and answering the prompt. I have now learned that this was the reason why my papers always needed work. With UWP1 I learned that in order to get your idea across you must first do a quick outline to make sure you have your ideas organized before you start to write. Before taking UWP1 I believed that big vocabulary and a lot of writing would make a good paper, but it what helps make a good paper is by having good grammar, Having organized ideas, using examples, using triangle of appeals, and choosing an audience.

During the fall quarter my writing skills improved by taking workload English, Since I began organizing my paper more and I paid more attention to grammar. But UWP1 has been much more helpful because it showed me more ways to improve. During the period of this class I have been making use of the new techniques  that we have learned so far to make better papers .  Realizing to organize my paper before beginning to write was a helpful technique since it allowed me to organize my ideas and it also made it easier to start writing, another thing I really liked about the class was that we had peer review for each one of our assignments that way we were able to fix any errors before we actually turned in the paper. Peer reviewing was probably the most helpful way to have good papers because other students gave you feedback on what to fix but also because as I had to analyze my peers essays I was getting used to reviewing papers and I began reviewing mine a lot more which helped me find minor errors and fix them.

The first assignment “Literacy Narrative” we had to write was my worst paper in UWP1 because I was not using enough of the techniques taught. For instance my paper was not organized, I had many grammar errors, My points were not clear, some paragraphs were too lengthy, Lack of concrete examples. For this reason I believe that the problem letter which the second assignment was much better. In the problem letter I tried to use more of the techniques we had learned. For example, I focused on having a strong thesis which I succeeded on based on the comments I received, I also integrated personal evidence that the audience can relate to that way the audience can be interested in my paper, I tried to organize my paper more. The things that lowered my score on my paper was mostly grammar, this was a mistake I could have easily fixed by reviewing my paper multiple times which is something I learned in UWP1 and will make sure to do in future papers. The research  paper we had to write was another opportunity we had to show the techniques we had learned therefore I tried my best to use the rhetorical triangle  to show credibility, reasons, and emotional values. I also organized my paper, checked for grammar, Chose an audience, and used plenty of evidence.

One quarter is definitely not enough time to perfect my writing skills by using all the techniques and rules I have learned because I definitely need more practice until I can use all the techniques with more ease. The good thing about taking this class however, is that at least I know the many different techniques that exist so that I can use them in future papers to keep improving my writing skills.

Thank you!


Daniel Martinez


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