The Benefits of Online Education (Research Paper)

Daniel Martinez

Class: UWP1

Professor: Ashley Sarpong



There has been a problem of people not attending college to earn a higher education because of time and money. The issue is that many are frightened  by the cost of attending college and not having enough time to be successful in college. This is a big issue because people with a higher education are needed in order for the world to innovate. The good news however is that this issue has been receiving more of the attention it deserves. The way they colleges have been trying to solve this issue is by offering online classes as a substitute for classroom education. It has been nearly a century since online education was first introduced. Based on the Article “The History of Online Education Decade By Decade” By Allen B. Ury, “correspondence courses” where invented by Thomas Edison in the 1910’s. These were catalogs of educational motion pictures. Over the years online classes have evolve to the point where in 2010 approximately 5.6 million college students studied partly or full time in online classes according to The History of Online Education Decade By Decade. The increase in students using the online education alternative shows that it is definitely working to benefit the education of students.

 Benefits of Online education

 Education is simply the greatest tool for success, As Will Durant says “Education is the transmission to civilization”.  Since education is such an important thing for someone to succeed do to the fact that education opens many doors for people. Education creates people with knowledge something which is very important for  the world to innovate as people with knowledge come together to create this world a better place. Therefore in order for the amount of people with knowledge to increases there must be a way for people to earn a higher education without having to worry about cost or not having time. Many people know that it is beneficial to have an education but most of them are afraid because of the cost of attending college and others are afraid it will require too much of their time to be working and going to college. At this present time the cost for higher education is extremely high, and higher education in a four year college also requires plenty of time. According to the article “Average cost of college rises again” by Associated press, The average cost for undergraduate students attending a four year college or university in their home state was $18,943. Things like cost and time are the main things that make plenty of people have to reconsider and many times choose not to better their education. It sure is devastating to know that there are many people out in the world with potential to better themselves but have not done so because of complications like these. Fortunately there has been an alternative to classroom education that has been created that helps get rid of these complications and offers many other helpful qualities for students to be able to better their education. The alternative to classroom education is online classes. Colleges which are known for classroom education have been the main source for achieving a higher education for many years therefore this alternative might not seem too convincing. How can online classes be more beneficial than classrooms for the education of people? you may ask. The answer to that question is that online education offers plenty of helpful things. According to (Open Education Database) some ways that online education can be helpful is that it offers variety programs and courses, Lower total cost, More comfortable learning environment, Convenience and flexibility, More interaction and a greater ability to concentrate, Avoid commuting, They are also helpful in getting younger students prepared for a higher education (Online learning key to college readiness) by The Detroit News. Another way in which it is helpful is that it is great for disable students ( The Benefits of Online Ed for Disabled Students) by Robert M. Hensel.

Having a variety of programs and courses is truly an important aspect for online education to offer. In order for online education to compete against classroom education it must offer as many courses if not more than classroom education does.  According to the article by Open Education Database (OED), online education is beneficial because it offers many different courses and degree programs to students no matter what they are interested in, Although classroom education also offers plenty of different courses and programs online classes are much more convenient since students are able to register for specific courses when they want without having the conflict of  course being too full.  This is really helpful because in classrooms there is a limited amount of space therefore there are many times in which the course will be too full to register for. Since online classes do offer many different courses and programs they are able to compete with classroom education and they help students reach their education with the classes they need. In classroom education there is many times when students cannot take the classes they desire because they are taken up by other students, this problem is solve with online education because the courses they offer are available to all students and they are not limited which means that the students are able to continue taking the classes their major requires without slowing down. Offering many courses and programs also helps the online education seem more genuine therefore making those who are afraid of classroom education trust the online education alternative.

Online education helps resolve the biggest problem with classroom education, The biggest problem is the cost for a higher education which very often scares people away from earning a higher education. The average cost of tuition and fees for the years 2014 and 2015 school year was $31,231 at private colleges, $9,139 for state residents at public colleges, and $22,958 for out-of-state residents attending public universities (College Data). These big price tags are what scare people way from reaching a higher education. Therefore online classes are a great option to take instead of classroom classes because online classes are significantly lower in cost in comparison to colleges. Not only are online classes lower in cost but they will also allow students to save  money on many other expenses like commuting and food since they will be taking the classes at their own place there will be no need to commute which keeps them from spending on gas, and they will be able to eat at home instead of spending on food, These are only a couple of examples of extra expenses they will be saving their money on but there are many other little expenses that can be prevented simply by taking classes at home. The fact that online classes are lower in cost will allow many of people to stop being afraid and earn a higher education to better themselves.

Learning in a more comfortable environment is another benefit that online education offers. Students will no longer need to physically attend class sessions. The Lectures and other materials are sent to the student electronically, The student are then be able to read and complete their assignments all through the computer. “Students will not have to fight traffic, find parking spaces, leave work early to go to class, or miss important family time.” (Open Education Database). having to go through traffic, waiting for a bus, looking for parking space and having to physically go to classes every day will definitely make students to stress out and keep them from focusing in their education.  The comfortable environment might not seem like much of importance in the education of the student but it actually is helpful because it keeps the student free from stress and focused on just his education by not having to go through these struggles they would otherwise if they attended class.

Online classes also offer flexibility, According to the article Benefits of Online Education “Students have the freedom to juggle their careers and school because they aren’t tied down to a fixed schedule.” by (Community College of Aurora) . With online classes students are able have a job while at the same time  earning a higher education. Although students are still able to have a job while attending any four year college they will struggle a lot more because they have a harder time fixing their schedule to fit their job. Students being able to fix their schedule to be able to is  work very       helpful because every student will be in need of money for any materials they might need to keep up with their education. Not only are they making money to pay for any materials they might need or for food but they are also learning to manage their time, and getting extra work experience to become successful.

Based on Open Education Database “Students have more interaction and greater ability to concentrate”.  In a classroom setting many students tend  not to participate because of the fear of having the wrong answer or just shy to speak up. When students do not participate they start losing focus on what is going on in the class and they do not learn as much as they would if they were participating with the class. Therefore participating in class is key for learning because not only are students more focused but they are having more practice by participating. Online classes are great for having students participate, online classes offer shy students the opportunity to participate in online chats while a class discussion. Students are more willing to participate in answering  questions and giving their opinions because online classes allows them to do so electronically rather than person to person, This is a great way to get rid of the fear student have of speaking in class which keeps them from participating. Students also concentrate better with online classes because they do not get distracted by other students.

Another benefit of taking online classes is that students avoid having to commute to their college. According to Open Education Database “Many students also find that the amount they save on fuel costs can be substantial if they don’t have to commute to a physical campus in general, no matter what the weather conditions maybe”. Not having to commute is an extra benefit that online classes offer which makes them more attractive to students they don’t have to physically go to their classes. Storms or other conditions that may cause colleges to cancel classes can keep a student’s education back. Online classes solve this problem because they will continue offering classes no matter the weather conditions and the student does not have to go outside of their home into the harsh weather.

According to the article by  the Detroit News “Online Learning Key to College Readiness”, “in order for high school graduates to be prepared fully for success in the 21st century, it would be beneficial for them to have gained experience with online learning while in primary or secondary school”. Although online classes offer as many courses as colleges do, online classes are still helpful in getting younger students prepared for college if they end up deciding to attend  a college instead of continuing with online classes. Online classes offer higher level classes to younger students so that they get exposed to the amount of effort required for college courses. Online classes also transfer credit which means that students may even start earning college credit early by taking college level courses online. Another benefit of online classes is that incase a student has not yet completed any ore-requirement for college, they can complete it online and be ready to start their college career. Whether they choose to go to college or to continue with online education taking  online classes before they choose either one is still a great option because they will feel more confident about the hard work the higher level classes require.

“Limitations only go so far” by Robert M.Hensel. Online courses are beneficial to all students because of the many things it has to offer but they are also specially beneficial to disabled students which allows them to learn without any limitations. As Robert M. Hensel says in the article The Benefits of Online Education For Disabled Students “16 percent of overall American population identify themselves as disabled”. With so many people with disabilities, online classes are a great way to make sure those with disabilities still have the opportunity to earn their education. The main problem disabled people have is not being able to move around therefore online classes are helpful because they no longer have to go anywhere, they can simply get their education at home. Disabled people have enough of a hard time with their disability and if they are uneducated it makes it almost impossible for them to find  job. With online classes they are able earn a higher education which will help them find a job that does not require physical work but knowledge so that their disability will not be a problem.


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Porfolio Letter

Dear Portfolio Readers,

After writing essays in high school I got more comfortable in  having an essay that would answer the prompt.  However, the ideas I had where always unorganized, I would not use as many examples, I would use too many words to explain one idea, and I always had grammar errors. Basically my writing had was completely awful, I always thought it was just about answering the prompt and writing as much as possible,  I was completely wrong. There for I am glad to have taken UWP1 class because of the various rules and techniques  I have learned to significantly improve my writing.

As I registered for UWP1 I was not expecting to learn so many  techniques and rules that would help  improve my writing. Taking UWP1 made me realize I was missing many things in my writing therefore I always had bad comments on my papers. I always thought  an essay had to consist of an introduction paragraph that includes a good thesis, body paragraphs and concluding paragraph, and answering the prompt. I have now learned that this was the reason why my papers always needed work. With UWP1 I learned that in order to get your idea across you must first do a quick outline to make sure you have your ideas organized before you start to write. Before taking UWP1 I believed that big vocabulary and a lot of writing would make a good paper, but it what helps make a good paper is by having good grammar, Having organized ideas, using examples, using triangle of appeals, and choosing an audience.

During the fall quarter my writing skills improved by taking workload English, Since I began organizing my paper more and I paid more attention to grammar. But UWP1 has been much more helpful because it showed me more ways to improve. During the period of this class I have been making use of the new techniques  that we have learned so far to make better papers .  Realizing to organize my paper before beginning to write was a helpful technique since it allowed me to organize my ideas and it also made it easier to start writing, another thing I really liked about the class was that we had peer review for each one of our assignments that way we were able to fix any errors before we actually turned in the paper. Peer reviewing was probably the most helpful way to have good papers because other students gave you feedback on what to fix but also because as I had to analyze my peers essays I was getting used to reviewing papers and I began reviewing mine a lot more which helped me find minor errors and fix them.

The first assignment “Literacy Narrative” we had to write was my worst paper in UWP1 because I was not using enough of the techniques taught. For instance my paper was not organized, I had many grammar errors, My points were not clear, some paragraphs were too lengthy, Lack of concrete examples. For this reason I believe that the problem letter which the second assignment was much better. In the problem letter I tried to use more of the techniques we had learned. For example, I focused on having a strong thesis which I succeeded on based on the comments I received, I also integrated personal evidence that the audience can relate to that way the audience can be interested in my paper, I tried to organize my paper more. The things that lowered my score on my paper was mostly grammar, this was a mistake I could have easily fixed by reviewing my paper multiple times which is something I learned in UWP1 and will make sure to do in future papers. The research  paper we had to write was another opportunity we had to show the techniques we had learned therefore I tried my best to use the rhetorical triangle  to show credibility, reasons, and emotional values. I also organized my paper, checked for grammar, Chose an audience, and used plenty of evidence.

One quarter is definitely not enough time to perfect my writing skills by using all the techniques and rules I have learned because I definitely need more practice until I can use all the techniques with more ease. The good thing about taking this class however, is that at least I know the many different techniques that exist so that I can use them in future papers to keep improving my writing skills.

Thank you!


Daniel Martinez

Language and Education Are Key For Success (Problem Letter)

 Daniel Martinez

Professor: Ashley Sarpong

Class: UWP 1


Dear incoming immigrants,

Even with education it is hard enough to find a job in today’s economy. Therefore trying to find a job with low language skills and education is nearly impossible. In the United States most jobs require some level of education, and almost all jobs require people to speak English. Learning a new language and getting a higher education is definitely a big struggle and it takes time. However wouldn’t you rather suffer for something that will benefit you instead of struggling to find a job or having a job you hate?. Being Hispanic I have experienced the hard work it requires to do both. However I strongly advice every Hispanic that is new to the United States to give their all and learn English and have a higher education in order to reach their “American Dream”. The only solution to an increase in labor for Hispanics is by colleges lowering their cost to attend that way Hispanics can learn English and have a higher education.

At the age of nine I came to the United states without speaking English and having a very small education. Although at the age nine, the thought of someday  depending on education and English were nowhere near my mind. But thanks to my father explained to me many times how important it would be for my future until it stuck to me that it would be really beneficial to me. He  inspired me to do my best in school at a very young age. That is the reason why I became really determined to learn English and better my education. I took my English development class extremely serious because I knew that knowing English would be the first step. I was able to learn English soon, since I put much effort in school to learn English and after school I would practice by speaking to my friends until it paid off. Once I knew enlist quite well my next goal was to do my best in all other classes. Not only was I determined to succeed academically because it would better my future but because I wanted to make my parents proud. like most Hispanic families my parents came to the United states in search for a better job and for us to have a better future and I would hate to fail him. I am currently trying to better my education by attending college in order to have a higher chance of having the career I enjoy. It sure has been a big struggle for me to learn an entire new language and much harder to stay determined to succeed academically for so many years. But I remind myself that I need to do it for my parents to thank them for the opportunity, and for my future.

There is nothing easy about trying to learn a new language and earning a higher education, However that is the only solution for Hispanics to have a better job or a job at all. The situation is the same for most Hispanics they struggle to find a job because they do not speak English and have little to no education, and they come to reach the American Dream. The only jobs Hispanics are able to find are in agriculture. These types of jobs require allot of hard work and the worst part is they pay a small amount of money. Just imagine being out in the sun day after day at a job that requires so much physical work and making a small amount of money, while other people are  making more money doing something a lot less tiring all because they know more English and have a higher education. Therefore, Hispanics who come the United States in search for a better future must first prioritize learning English and having a higher education instead of just hoping to find a job or having to over work for a low wage.

Older men are the ones who struggle the most to find a job, a better job or a job at all. They have a much harder time to learn English and have a lot less time to get an education. those who do try to learn English and get an education eventually give up because it requires a lot of effort to do both. It is difficult but they should not give up because it is possible.  For example, I have observed one of my neighbors do just so. He has been working and going to school after work for many years now and his English has definitely improved and he is close to graduating. He has been working and going to school and after years the wage he gets at his work has also increased. He is a great example, because he is demonstrating how learning English and getting a higher education is totally possible if you are determined to do so. He also shows how his English has allowed him to have a higher wage proving how beneficial it is. Therefore everyone who came to the United states speaking only Spanish have no excuse if they really want to better their future. On the other hand,  The younger generation of Hispanics are the ones who have a much higher chance of learning English and getting a higher education. All the younger Hispanics are brought to the U.S because their parents want them to succeed. therefore, must try their hardest in school to make sure they take advantage of the opportunity their parents have offered them at a young age. They are the ones who have the time to make it happen. They should start thinking at a young age that it is extremely important for you to learn English and have a higher education if you want to have a career they enjoy in the future. But it is up to them to decide whether you want to struggle finding a job, having a job you hate, and at the same time disappointing your parents. Or try their best to learn English and have a better education to have a job they enjoy and make their parents proud.

In addition, The only solution for Hispanics to have a higher chance of being hired is by being able to communicate in English and by earning a hired education as explained in the article “Importance of College education” by Jeff McGuire. The problem however is that the cost to attend college is extremely high, the solution is obvious that colleges must lower their cost in order for more people in need of a higher education like Hispanics to attend. This is not only a great solution to help minority groups earn a higher education for less, but the increase in students going to college will eventually have an increase in higher paying jobs leading to a higher economy. Therefore it will be an overall great solution to the problem.

Many Hispanics are either struggling to find a job at this time or are in hard jobs for a low wage. It is time to change that, but the only solution is for Hispanics to make a change for themselves and try their best to learn English and have a higher education. Older people will struggle more but have no excuse if they really want to succeed. And the younger Hispanics just have to do it, they have absolutely no excuse. The only solution to an increase in Hispanics with well paid jobs, is by speaking English and having a higher education.


“Importance of College Education” By Jeff McGuire,